About Us

Dammam’s Principal Investment seeks to invest on its own and alongside its partner investors in key growth areas. In these investment cases, Dammam Group shall deploy its full investment, managerial, technical and entrepreneurial experience in ensuring that its foray into these sectors realize positive alpha returns above prevailing market returns.

Dammam Group Holdings is a specialist investment firm with business areas in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Oil&Gas Explorations, Trading and Real Estate. Dammam Group seeks to offer a range of alternative investment opportunities for itself, institutional and private investors.

Dammam Group provides thought – through, risk calculated opportunities with positive alpha returns using an investor – manager interest aligned structure.

Dammam invests in opportunities that allows for value creation as well as nation growth. Dammam Group aims to invest in new and growth companies/opportunities in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Oil&Gas Explorations, Trading and Real Estate.

Approach & Strategy

Dammam group leverages on its market knowledge/expertise as well as network to attract, invest and deliver sound positive alpha returns to its investors. The company focuses on development/growth opportunities and has equitable board/project involvement. Strong emphasis is placed on proper corporate governance and best practice.

Dammam Group co-invests with its long term partners including family offices, HNIs and institutional clients. Dammam Group’s partners focus on building sustainable long term relationships based on trust and consistent performance. The company focuses on small to mid-sized opportunities, optimal operational expense, profitability, multiple exit options and appropriate timing for all investing stakeholders.

Core Values

We believe in our brand. We believe reward follows calculated risk supported by sound governance and interest alignment. We strongly believe in client trust and long-term relationships. We believe this can be achieved by openness and unwavering integrity.

We believe our clients come first. We believe our people are key. We believe that team work, entrepreneurial spirit and effort combination are key elements to sustainable performance. We are innovative. We are unconventional.

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